Velvet Thunder Series

UPDATED - Everything That Glitters - Emery Jacobs - E-Cover.jpg

A decade of playing local bars and festivals with my band is over.
Just like that.
Big break? More like broke up. Broken Thunder-- maybe the name was a sign.
Now I find myself at a crossroad, not ready to leave music behind.
An audition for the legendary band Reckless Fury, could change everything.
At least that's what I hope until I see who's calling the shots.
No names. One incredible night. It's her!
I had no idea she was the Princess of Rock, when she was rocking my world.
All I need is a chance to prove myself.
With her.
With the band.
She thinks she knows why I'm here, she's wrong.

Need You Tonight - Emery Jacobs - E-Cover.jpg

Ten years.
Ten years it’s been since she left me without a word.


I was heartbroken.
Beyond repair.

Gia was my person. My soulmate. Our only problem: she was born for leaving.


I thought I’d lost her forever… until she unexpectedly comes back into my life
I didn’t think I’d get a second chance with the only girl who’s ever owned my heart.


But now that my second chance is here, I’ll fight to keep her in my arms.

Music was the one thing that always connected us, and I hope it can bring us back together.

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You Found Me is set to release on April 29, 2022. Pre-order up on Amazon.